Studying with ExamTime

Study skills can be one of the hardest things for students to learn as they come through school. If a student doesn’t have someone working with them on improving study habits (teacher, tutor, parent, etc.), then they are likely to struggle from an early age. It is difficult for a 7th grader to know what to do with a binder full of notes if they are given no direction. Even if they are given direction, it can still be difficult for many students to visualize the big picture of what they need to know. If your student has a hard time studying, whether it’s because they are unorganized, unmotivated, or simply overwhelmed, then you should consider trying ExamTime.

ExamTime is a study-aid website designed to allow students to put all their thoughts, notes, and deadlines into one online database that is interactive, helpful, and fun. Here is an overview of the website’s features:

Mind Map
Mind map is a very interesting feature that allows students to create a visually appealing “map” of different topics covered in class. If a student is covering the Industrial Revolution in history, they can map out a timeline or general overview with different text bubbles surrounding different issues during that time. This feature is great for visual learners that struggle to see the big picture and need something a little more interesting than graphite on a piece of paper.
Flash cards

Virtually everyone I knew during my time as a student found flashcards very useful. However, very few people actually used them. Many students find it to be too big of a time investment to have to write everything down on flashcards, either because they are too lazy or they put off studying until it is too late. Being able to type flashcards is a huge advantage because it can significantly cut down the time it takes to make flash cards. This feature also allows you to add images in case you want to add a picture of a math formula or diagram.

Customized Quizzes

Since you can share everything you do on ExamTime with your friends, this feature is great for study groups. Assign each member of the group to create a quiz on a certain topic for the rest of the group so everyone can practice on a quiz that they themselves did not create. Additionally, you can add explanations to the answers which helps when trying to understand why an answer is correct. This feature is also great if you have a class with a comprehensive exam: add questions with explanations to the quiz throughout the year/semester so that before the exam everything is already put together.

Note Taking

ExamTime has a note-taking feature similar to other note-taking programs (OneNote, etc), but it requires the internet to use. This feature is ideal for an online course or simply transcribing written notes if you prefer to see them on a screen or want to share them with friends. One unique aspect of this feature, though, is the ability to add images, videos, or links to websites directly into the page. This can be very useful if your student enjoys looking up how to work problems online.

Tracking Assignments

By adding “goals” on the website, you can put all your projects, due dates, exam dates, and assignments in one location that is accessible from anywhere you have internet access. Again, this is a great option for students who love using the computer or struggle with written planners. Additionally, there is a built-in timeline on the site that keeps track of when you added content and allows you to sort by type of content.

This tool can be a fantastic study aid for students who struggle to stay organized and study throughout a long school year. It offers a digital format to organize assignments and class work. Additionally, users have the option to share everything they add with friends which can be great if a friend misses class or struggles with note-taking. This could be particularly useful for college students who have access to the website during class. Oh, and did I mention it is free?