Executive Function Coaching for Students with ASD

We'll Help Your Child with ASD Master Important Skills for Academic Success

Executive Function Coaching for Students with ASD

Just like learning to ride a bike or playing a musical instrument, strategies for time management, organization, and studying must be taught.

At Educational Connections, we understand that children with ASD may not naturally possess the necessary executive function skills for academic success.

However, once a student with ASD discovers a system that works, it can truly be empowering and make a world of difference in the classroom and beyond.

Providing your child with strategies that make school work easier will give you and your child a feeling of accomplishment and peacefulness. You are not alone. We're here for you!

Our one-to-one, fully customized lessons for your student with ASD include strategies for:

  • Goal Setting: Understanding the Big Picture and Breaking it Down 
    • Your child's coach will work with them to identify short-term and long-term goals. These goals can be related to academic tasks, organization, time management, or any other academic areas where they need extra support.

  • Cognitive Flexibility: Shifting and Flexible Thinking 
    • Students with autism often struggle with transitioning between tasks or adapting to changes in routines. Your child's executive function coach will teach flexible thinking and problem-solving strategies, as well as coping mechanisms for dealing with unexpected changes.

  • Organizing and Prioritizing: Materials and Time 
    • Your child's coach will help them develop strategies for planning and organizing tasks. This includes assistance in creating daily and weekly schedules, breaking down assignments into manageable steps, and utilizing visual aids and materials to enhance organization.

  • Organizing and Prioritizing: Information and Ideas 
    • Students with autism often face difficulties in getting started on tasks or staying focused until completion. Your child will learn ways to overcome these common challenges, such as setting clear expectations for themselves, using timers or reminders, and implementing strategies for staying motivated.

  • Remembering: Accessing Working Memory 
    • Students with ASD may have weak working memory due to difficulties in processing and retaining information in their short-term memory. Your child will learn techniques for chunking information, using visual aids or mnemonic devices to enhance memory retention and note-taking skills.

  • Self-monitoring and Checking
    • Your child will end each executive function session with self-reflection. The coach will help your child look ahead to see what might get in their way during the coming week at school and decide which strategies they can use to overcome obstacles.

3 Step Approach to Getting Your Student with ASD the Academic Support They Need


Step 1

Schedule a call and tell us what's causing the most academic-related stress for you and your child.


Step 2

Meet the handpicked EF Coach who will support your child through virtual instruction.


Step 3

Feel at ease as your child learns strategies to manage their school work and schedule without you.

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Ann Dolin, M.Ed., Founder and President of Educational Connections

Our Executive Function Coaching for students with ASD is a unique, research-based program to help your child master the skills they need to succeed in school and later in life. In this program, your child will learn how to get organized, manage their time, study effectively, and stay motivated.

Parents love our program because...

  • We use curriculum that goes far beyond simply helping students with homework
  • Students are matched with coaches who are experienced in working with students with ASD and truly care about your child's progress
  • We customize the program to meet your child's unique needs and goals

"Educational Connections has been an amazing resource. It is wonderful as a parent to not create conflict at homework time." 

- Carolyn B., Parent

"My son's progress with Educational Connections has changed the trajectory of his life for the better! The executive functioning instruction and support from Educational Connections allow my son to stay organized, initiate tasks, problem-solve and persevere.." 

- Elizabeth D., Parent

"We have been very happy with the coach who is working with our son. She is able to get him to open up and talk through the mountains of work he has in a way that he will not do with us." 

- Google review from Parent

Will Our Executive Function Coaching Program Work For Your Child with ASD?

Take this quick quiz by answering "yes" or "no" to the following questions.

Executive Function Coaching for Students with Autism at Educational Connections.png

Can your child...

  • Participate in virtual sessions through the use of technology (with accommodations as needed)? 
  • Sit and engage on-camera for 30 minutes to one-hour?

Does your child...

  • Regularly struggle to start tasks? 
  • Keep a messy room and a disorganized backpack, locker, or desk? 
  • Have difficulty following instructions, especially with many steps? 
  • Fail to complete assignments unless he or she is constantly reminded? 
  • Forget to turn in homework even when it's completed? 
EF Coaching for Students with ASD

If you answered "yes" to the majority of these questions, you're not alone. But with the right support, your child can master the skills they need to succeed.

Contact us today to get started:

Nothing takes the joy out of parenting faster than arguments over missed school deadlines, mediocre grades, and misplaced assignments.

We see you. And we're here to help.

When an Executive Function Coach teaches your child the important skills they need to succeed in school, you'll finally be free to turn in your "Homework Police" badge and actually look forward to the afternoon and evening with your child once more.

You can ask about their day. Cheer them on when they do well at school. Enjoy a meal without discussing due dates for once. Just be a parent— with all of the joy and less of the nagging!

For extra support, ask about our Parent Coaching plan and how our coaches can support the whole family.