Stress-free Ways to Keep Your Child on Track This Summer


Summer is underway, and your child has all sorts of plans for the months ahead. They’ll play at the beach! Swim in the pool! Build a spaceship out of Legos! Have a sleepover with friends!

As a parent, you want your child to enjoy a magical summer and make memories they’ll treasure well into adulthood.

But you also feel a sense of responsibility. 

You want your child to retain all the academic skills they learned last year.

You want your child to spend less time with screens and more time with books.

You want your child to arrive to school next year refreshed but prepared.

And you don’t want to be the bad guy to make all that happen!


Enter the EC Summer Tutoring Program.

The EC Summer Tutoring Program is your stress-free way to ensure your child stays on track all summer long without spoiling any of the magic of a childhood summer.

In fact, our tutors plan special activities and games to make learning fun, and many children actually look forward to these summer tutoring sessions!

“Our tutor was absolutely terrific! She always came prepared with great material for our daughter, and did a wonderful job with keeping her engaged throughout every session. Our daughter would look forward to each visit and was visibly excited before and after each of her sessions.”

-Mark Watson

To learn more and take advantage of this offer, just call 703-934-8282 now or click here to contact us online.

We can’t wait to make summer learning fun for your child… so you don’t have to!


PS: Don’t wait! Summer sessions must be used by September 2, so call 703-934-8282 now to take advantage of this special offer and keep your child on track this summer! 

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