Sarah Waheed is our May Tutor-of-the-Month!

Sarah Waheed Tutor of the MonthCongratulations to Sarah Waheed for being selected as our May Tutor of the Month! We are grateful to have her on our team!

Sarah’s Bio:

Sarah has always been a science enthusiast, along with wanting to share her knowledge with anyone willing to learn. She earned her undergrad degree from George Mason in Biology with a minor in Computer Science. For a short period after, she spent a few years working in the Lab setting doing medical work.

Sarah went back to Mason a few years ago and completed her Masters in Education, graduating with a specialization in Secondary education focused on self-regulated learning and problem-based solving skills. She taught at Lake Braddock for a while as a Science teacher for 7th and 8th grade. During her time there, she was also able to participate in a revolutionary teaching experience using problem based solving methods with Masons Patriot Innovative Academy.

Throughout her years of education and professional work, Sarah has always found ways to keep tutoring as a part of her life.

Tutoring Strategies and Tips:

The best advice I can provide is to always make an effort to get to know the students so that their tutoring sessions can be personalized to what works best for them. Not all methods are effective for everyone and figuring out what works can take time, but is well worth it. A large part of this involves proper communication with the students and their parents so that everyone can keep the same goals in mind and help each other reach those goals as well.