Educational Connections Announces Achievements of Key Growth and Milestones in 2013

FAIRFAX, Va. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Educational Connections Inc., a fast growing, personalized, in-home tutoring company serving the greater Washington, DC metro area celebrates the accomplishment of several significant milestones in 2013.

“This allows us to offer the best, most effective services available to our clients.”

As Educational Connections marks its fifteenth year in business, its ability to develop and offer the most effective, student-focused tutoring services has led to 200+ tutors working one-on-one with over 1,000 students in 2013 alone. The growth in Educational Connections’ numbers can be attributed to their unique in-home, student-centered approach towards tutoring. At the beginning of all client relationships, each student is matched with a tutor based on a number of criteria including personality, gender, and subject matter. Students are then assessed to determine their specific needs, which inform the educational focus of their tutoring sessions.

“We strive to not only provide students with the tools needed to succeed, but to also motivate and creative a positive environment for them,” said President, Ann Dolin.

The tutoring company also stays well-informed on the current events in education. “As the educational space constantly evolves, it is crucial to stay abreast on the issues at hand,” Dolin continued. “This allows us to offer the best, most effective services available to our clients.”

Educational Connections has achieved a number of additional key milestones in 2013, including:

  • The launch of a new website to offer students and parents enhanced information about the company’s services and offerings in an easy-to-navigate, interactive, and user-friendly interface. With detailed testimonials, a daily blog article, and educational resources, the new website highlights Educational Connections’ deep knowledge and understanding of the educational space.
  • The release of Ann Dolin’s second book, A Guide to Private Schools: The Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition. The book offers parents and students considering a private school education practical tips and advice to guide them through the often difficult decision making process.
  • The integration of a new, online-based, multi-sensory SAT and ACT test prep curriculum. Launching in 2014, the new test preparation service offering follows concern from parents regarding test preparation for students who are best supported through a multi-sensory approach.

“We are committed to providing parents and students with the approach best suited to their needs and most likely to produce the greatest results,” said Dolin. “It is quite rewarding to be a part of students’ journeys and help them in achieving key milestones throughout their educational careers.”

About Educational Connections

Educational Connections, Inc. is an in-home tutoring company based in Fairfax, VA for parents and students in the Washington, DC metro area. Since 1998, Educational Connections has provided over 8,000 students with individualized tutoring to overcome learning challenges related to organization, time management, study skills and motivation. Founded by former public school teacher Ann Dolin, M.Ed., Educational Connections carefully assesses each student’s needs and abilities, assigns a personalized tutor based on a number of criteria, and provides direct instruction in a wide range of subjects. To learn more about Educational Connections, please visit Also, follow Educational Connections on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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