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Asking Powerful Questions: How To Help Your Kids Become Independent And Productive

Asking questions to spark thinking is far more effective than “telling” someone what they need to do.

Apply that idea to your kids and their approach towards homework and studying, and you find that if you can frame your questions in the right way, you’ll actually facilitate the self-awareness, empowerment, and independence they need to become self-starters and take on the behaviors you’ve been encouraging them to.

Asking powerful questions


Parenting a Procrastinator? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

At first glance, a child or teen who tends to procrastinate can appear to be lazy or unmotivated, but that’s rarely the case. The tendency to put assignments off until later is a more complicated issue than what it appears to be on the surface. Learn about the three major categories of procrastinators and how parents can help. 



Academic Anxiety: How To Help Kids Build Confidence In Their Schoolwork

For some, anxiety results in perfectionism, where kids want their school work to be perfect. So instead of writing an essay just once, if it’s not good enough, they’ll crumple their paper up and start over three more times. For others, the worry over the work turning out “just so” results in procrastination. Fortunately, there are ways we can help kids take greater command of their work when they’re feeling anxious. This article includes one of my favorite strategies, sorting assignments into three categories: “must do”“should do”“could do”.


Preventing Procrastination 101

If your child has ADHD and struggles to finish their homework or hand in assignments, fight procrastination with these three time-tested tips. From setting a timer to starting small, help your student find success in the classroom — and beyond.



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