Private School Consulting

Navigate the Independent School Selection Process with Confidence

There are many independent schools in our area, and finding just the right match is one of the most important decisions parents make when it comes to education.

Ann Dolin, President and Founder of Educational Connections, works closely with families like yours to navigate the process of finding the best fit. Check out her book, A Guide to Private Schools, for an inside look at the process, or request a consultation to work with Ann Dolin privately.

In A Guide to Private Schools: The Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition, you’ll find a comprehensive list of nearly 100 private schools along with “in-the-field” information and perspectives like:

  • The pros and cons for each school vs. the public options available nearby
  • What the admissions process is like (from parents, kids, and admissions directors who have actually been through it), and how to apply to improve your chances
  • How each school would fit with your child’s specific learning style

I was absolutely amazed by the comprehensive nature of this book!! I expected to see a list of school profiles only, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the author also included interviews with parents, kids, and admissions directors… I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that will tremendously help streamline our process when we begin looking at schools in the near future. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource!!”

-Peter Anspach

This book has been a terrific resource to turn to in our search for the right private school in our area. Before receiving it, the process was pretty overwhelming… My husband and I were also still considering public school so we appreciate the way she breaks down public vs. private in the beginning. This guide is a wealth of knowledge… I strongly recommend it.”

-Mchala Brophy

Your Independent School Consultation Process

Ann Dolin offers private consultations to help your family navigate the independent school selection process with confidence. Before you meet together, Ann will review all standardized testing, report cards, and educational assessments that may have been performed in the last five years to provide fully individualized consulting

Step 1: Initial Parent Discussion

First, you’ll meet privately with Ann Dolin on Zoom to discuss the qualities you’re looking for in a school. She’ll help you consider priorities based on your child’s personality, interests, and academic and social needs. Some families also want to consider their public school options, so she can touch on that as well.

Step 2: Student One-On-One

Next, Ann Dolin will meet with your son or daughter on Zoom. During this time, she’ll perform an interest inventory and the Gray Oral Reading Test. This will help Ann determine your child’s reading abilities and get a sense of their skills and interests.

Step 3: Final Selection

Finally, Ann Dolin will meet with you (the parents) again to discuss best-fit schools based on a myriad of factors such as academic rigor, social environment, athletics, homework balance, location, etc. 

Transitional Tutoring

In addition to this service, we also offer a transitional tutoring package to ensure students new to a school make a smooth transition in the first quarter.

If you’re interested in learning more about private school consultations with Ann Dolin, or would like to set one up for your upcoming school selection, email Ann directly at [email protected]. She’ll reply personally to schedule a time to talk.

“We were in a bind and Ann came to the rescue. The first day of the academic year, we came to a sudden realization that, after being overseas, our daughter would not adjust to the 400+ students per grade of the public-high school system. We called Ann with a sense of urgency. She carefully reviewed all our daughter’s grades, and tests. Based on her analysis, and meeting our daughter, Ann made recommendations narrowing the dozens of private schools to three. Ann is intuitive, welcoming, forthright, and put both us, the parents, and our teenager at ease. We rushed for two weeks, and made the transition successfully. My daughter couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Ann!”