New Summer SAT Date Announced! Should My Rising Junior Take This Test?

Your child just finished 10th grade and now he wants to prepare for the first-ever summer SAT—what?! Is this a good idea, or a wasted effort?

Now that the SAT has announced a late summer test date—August 26th—for the first time ever, you might be wondering if this should be your rising junior’s first attempt.

Taking the August SAT might be a good match if your child

1. Has Determined the SAT is the Right Test.

Before taking the SAT or ACT, you will want your child to take a practice SAT and ACT to determine the test that is the best match. Do not use the actual August SAT as a “practice” or “trial” run. Sign up here to take a free full length practice test of both the SAT and ACT before school is out to determine the right test for your child.

2. Took Pre-calculus/Trig as a Sophomore.

Math on the SAT goes up to trigonometry, so your child should not be taking the SAT unless he has already taken pre-calculus. You don’t want your child to take his first real exam before he has been instructed in all the content.

3. Is a Recruited Athlete.

If your child is a recruited athlete and tests must be completed prior to spring, then preparing for and taking the August SAT is a slam dunk move. Utilizing the summer for prep leading up to the August SAT will allow your recruited athlete the knock out an exam before school even starts, giving him another 1-2 chances to take the test again in the fall.

4. Has Heavy Spring Commitments.

For children with heavy spring commitments—including sports schedules, band or orchestra events, or other training and travel commitments for an extracurricular—taking the summer SAT as their first time and then subsequent tests in the fall will leave their schedules open in the spring. Taking the August SAT, or an early fall ACT if that is the test of choice, would alleviate stress for your child who will need and want to devote time and energy to his extracurricular activities come spring time.

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