At Educational Connections, we’re more than just a tutoring company.

We believe that every student, even the most accomplished ones, can use a little help with optimizing their study habits. For that reason, we incorporate skills like staying organized, planning ahead to reduce procrastination, and study techniques into most everything we do. We offer four services: Subject Tutoring, Executive Function Coaching, Test Prep, and College Consulting.

Student studying at home

We meet students where they are. At Educational Connections, we have an outstanding tutoring program proven to fill in your child's learning gaps, keep them on track, improve executive function skills, and make parenthood a lot less stressful.

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Solid test scores can make a big difference in whether students are admitted to the college or private school of their choice, even when tests are optional. Our tutors will help your child earn a higher score on high-stakes standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.

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Our Executive Function Coaching is a unique, research-based program to help your child master the skills they need to succeed in school and life. In this program, your child will learn how to get organized, manage their time well, study effectively, and stay motivated.

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Our College Consultants will create a custom roadmap to college for your teen. Your student will learn how to position their unique interests, goals, and accomplishments to stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

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What Families Say...

Renato Faria
Renato Faria
Great experience
Linda Feller
Linda Feller
When looking for one-on-one tutoring for our high school student, we were happy to find Educational Connections for several reasons. Their pricing is comparable to and (in some cases) provides even more value than their competitors. In addition to subject tutoring, they offer coaching to help students be better organized, plan ahead, and improve study skills. And, the tutors and coaches are easy to stay in touch with and provide continuous feedback on our student's progress. In the short time we've worked with them, our son's grades and confidence in chemistry have already shown great improvement and he is more proactive in planning and scheduling study time and completing assignments in general.
SA Khan
SA Khan
The very best tutoring experience we've ever had. Will definitely continue to use Educational Connections. Highly recommended.
julie wilson
julie wilson
Jamie Cox
Jamie Cox
My kids have really benefitted from the tutoring through the Educational Connections. its been a worthwhile expense for our family...
My son is a freshman in college. He’s had an IEP his entire life and got to college and was completely in over his head and overwhelmed with how to keep track of what needs be done and also writing papers. He’s been working with Brianna and we have been thrilled with the results. He got his first paper back with a grade of B+. She’s continuing to work with him on his writing skills so eventually he’ll be able to tackle these larger assignments comfortably. Thank you!!!
Melanie Huffman
Melanie Huffman
We have been very happy with Educational Connections. We have had to try out two different tutors in order to find one that clicks with out son - Educational Connections has been very supportive!
Eliza Jacobs
Eliza Jacobs
EC Tutoring has been so helpful for our 7 year old! Highly recommend!

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