Our Core Values

When you invite us into your family’s life, we want you to rest assured that the tutor in your home—and in your child’s corner—is someone you can trust every step of the way. That’s why each of our staff members commits to the following core values as they give your child the support they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

​1. Do the right thing for kids and parents. We make highly customer focused
decisions based on the best interest of our students and their parents.

2. Be positive and care deeply for others. We care deeply for our fellow teammates and the families we serve. Each day, we possess a positive attitude and look forward to helping others. We have a strong desire to relieve parents’ stress and improve student outcomes.

3. Do what you say. When we make commitments or promises, we stick to them.

4. Grow by learning. Along with our students, we never stop learning. Each and
every one of us takes time to improve our skills so that we can better serve
families and the company as a whole.

5. Take initiative, be resourceful and solve problems. We see obstacles as
opportunities. At times, we’re presented with roadblocks that require us to think
differently. Instead of giving up, we take initiative to find feasible solutions to
solve problems.