how to bring up concerns with your child's teacher

Have an Academic Concern? Here’s How to Effectively Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher

It’s conference season! The time of year when many parents get a peek (in-person or virtually) inside their child’s classroom, and get a glimpse at their social and academic progress.

Whether you’re heading to a conference or reaching out to a teacher with concerns, we’re sharing how to effectively communicate with your child’s teacher, exactly what to say, and how to better understand what’s really going on at school.

Time Blind Student and How to Help

How to Help a “Time Blind” Student

Students who are “time blind” struggle to manage their time effectively because they aren’t aware of how much time is actually ticking by. This makes it challenging for a time blind student to complete their daily schoolwork and other responsibilities, as well as plan ahead for their future.

So how can parents help a time blind student become more productive?

what are the signs that your child needs a tutor

4 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

There are obvious indicators, like grades or a child who regularly complains that they “can’t stand school.” But there are also more subtle signs that a student is struggling academically and needs help.

In this blog, we’ll explore some signs that show your student needs individualized academic attention to catch up and build confidence.

Instilling Time Management

5 Ways to Instill Student Time Management Skills

When students are in control of their time and schedule, it leads to increased confidence, efficiency, and overall success.

In this article, we’ll share five time management tips to help students achieve their goals and get more done in less time, including some of our executive function coaches favorite strategies.