Our November Tutor of the Month is…


AAllillison Curtice! Allison has only been a tutor for a short time but has been working with students in the realm of education for 10 years–WOW! Her tutoring preferences are K-12 reading, writing, social studies, and geography.

Allison is a special education teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools. She works with students across various age and ability levels, which gives her a wonderful foundation when it comes to tutoring since she can adapt to the needs and goals of each individual student. Allison shared with us that she loves “working with students who are having a rough time getting information and seeing them have that ah-ha moment when they finally do.”

When she’s not tutoring, Allison enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with her two very awesome cats, Paige and Phoebe, cooking, decorating her balcony in the summer with colorful flowers, and immersing herself in anything to do with history.


Allison’s Tutoring tips:

Build a relationship with your students.

“When you meet a student for the first time, spend some time getting to know them. It’s very important that they know you are truly interested in them. Also, each time you see them after that, ask them how things are going and about any activities they are involved in. This type of bonding goes a long with motivating a student to do work.”

Integrate creative reading strategies.

“When it comes to having elementary students read, have the student break a reading assignment into chunks. Have them draw a line after each paragraph.  Have them read the paragraph, doodle a picture (for the younger children), or write a summary (for the older children). This helps when students have to answer questions at the end of the reading passage. They are then able to find the answers more quickly instead of having the reread the whole paragraph.”

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