Executive Function in McLean VA

Research-based Strategies to Improve Organization, Time Management, and Study Skills

The Educational Coaching Process™ is a tutoring program created by Educational Connections’ President and Founder, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., to help students who struggle with executive functioning skills, organization, time management, study skills, and motivation.

educational coach with studentSome tutors and firms say they provide Educational Coaching, but they don’t do it the way we do. Here is why our approach to Educational Coaching gives students such a lasting advantage in school and in life.

  • Research-based. Our tutors combine their own experience and strategies with the latest research-based study skills and best practices for improving executive functioning skills. In short, it’s not what we think will work but what we know will make a difference.
  • Hand-picked coaches. We carefully select our educational coaches from among our tutors. We choose tutors who already have excellent communication and organization skills and the ability to prioritize. Then we train them in how to teach those same skills to students.
  • A true program. We use a proven program instead of just helping students with homework.
  • Customization. Programs are modified to best serve each individual student’s needs. For example, to remove parents from the role of homework police, our tutors can text students regarding their assignments so that even on days when tutoring does not take place tutors can hold students accountable and remind them of strategies they have practiced.

Our in-home coaches work with students to:

  • Create and implement a system for organization of binder and materials.
  • Prioritize daily homework assignments.
  • Complete long-term projects by breaking them down into manageable chunks.
  • Schedule homework and extracurricular time.
  • Teach valuable study and test-taking skills such as memory techniques, note-taking, and active reading strategies.
  • Monitor homework quality and completion.

How to Help Your Child with Homework

In the video below, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., describes the common struggles many students and parents face at homework time. Even the brightest children can become overwhelmed or have trouble focusing. Students who have trouble staying organized, managing their time, or staying on task can benefit from Educational Coaching. Watch the video to learn how an educational coach can help your child.


Curious to know if an Educational Coach could help your child be more organized and study more effectively?

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