Welcome to the Registration Page for McLean High's Mock Test Program

McLean Mock ACT on March 2

2. Register for Mock ACT on March 2nd at 9 AM ET

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McLean High School's mock ACTs will be held virtually on Saturday, March 2nd at 9 AM. The test booklet will be emailed to you two days prior to the test. 

Please remember to identify yourself as a McLean High student on the signup form so that the school gets the credit. This is a fundraiser for the PTSA. 

After the test, you will receive a detailed score report.

You must register by the Wednesday night (by 11:59 PM) before the test. The fee is $20 per test. All proceeds go to the McLean PTSA!

Do you have a question about the mock ACT? Please email Karen at KarenM@ectutoring.com

2. Register for Free Testing Info Night for Parents and Students on March 4th

As parents, you understand that the educational landscape is evolving rapidly, and so are the choices your high schooler faces when it comes to preparing for college. The admissions journey has seen significant shifts since COVID, and now the Digital SAT is about to debut (on March 9th). In this ever-changing (and often confusing!) process, making informed decisions and having a solid strategy is paramount.

Author, Educator, and Founder of Educational Connections Ann Dolin, M.Ed., along with Test Prep Tutor Pete Pecoraro, invite you to learn how to help your student select the right testing path to boost their chances for college admission.

By registering for this free event on March 4th at 7 PM ET, Ann and Pete will help you:

Explore the upcoming shift to the digital SAT (first digital SAT is March 9th) and what it means for your student

Discover the role of standardized testing in today’s test-optional environment

Gain clarity on the differences between the digital SAT, paper SAT, and ACT, and find out how each aligns with your child's unique strengths

Learn strategies to support your child's test prep journey no matter which test they plan to focus on

Understand how the SAT, Digital SAT, and ACT cater to students with learning differences, such as ADHD, and how to determine which test is the best fit

3. Sign Up for Free Score Report Review Meeting

Please schedule your free parent Score Report Review Phone Meeting after your student's mock test.


Please schedule this meeting on or after March 6, 2024. We want to ensure you receive your child's score report before your meeting.

At this meeting, a test prep expert will break down your score report to help you understand your areas for greatest improvement, which test is best (SAT or ACT), and help you devise a custom testing and test prep timeline for your child. Students are welcome to attend with their parents.

why a mock test McLean

A practice ACT serves two purposes:

 ✓ It provides a baseline score so that students understand their natural strengths and weaknesses.

 ✓ It provides practice with content, pacing, and stamina in a simulated testing environment.

To get the most accurate results, we only use official full-length tests published by the ACT.

Each virtual practice test is timed and proctored like the real ACT. Your mock test scores won’t go on record!