Katie Lauer is our July Tutor of the Month!


Congratulations to Katie Lauer for being selected as our July Tutor of the Month! We are so excited to work with her!

Katie’s Bio:Katie Lauer

Katie Lauer began tutoring with Educational Connections in May 2016 and works with elementary school students on reading and writing.
Katie graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and has a Master of Science degree in Special Education from George Mason University. She is a kindergarten teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools and will begin her 6th year of teaching this fall.

Tutoring Strategies and Tips:

Katie says, “My favorite part about being a tutor is seeing that moment when a student who has been struggling with something for awhile finally gets it! I see this a lot in my Wilson reading students when they are looking at a passage that they thought was going to be hard and then they breeze through it without any prompting or support. The look that comes over their face puts the biggest smile on my face!”
Her tip for tutoring over the summer? “Make tutoring fun and get students moving. Instead of just practicing math facts, have them play a memory math game or do a fun activity that is focused on math, but that is all about them! Have them write important numbers (age, number of people in their family, activities, etc.) using number sentences.”