Important Deadlines for Rising Seniors

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Congratulations on making it through your child’s junior year! Can you believe you now have a rising senior?

With college applications on the horizon, you may be starting to ask, “How does the college application process work? And when are the deadlines we really can’t miss?

We get it. The college application process can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! We now offer College Application Guides that can guide you through a stress-free application process.

A great place to begin this summer is to map out your child’s road to college, including all the important deadlines you need to know.

Specific dates will vary based on the schools a student wants to attend, the final date of their SAT/ACT test, and more. However, here’s a list of the info you’ll want to look up and put on your calendar before senior year:


  • Final SAT/ACT Test Date – for seniors who want one more opportunity to get the best possible score
  • Early Decision Deadline – for seniors who know which school is their first choice and are ready to commit to attending upon acceptance
  • Early Action Deadlines – for seniors who want to hear back from schools as soon as possible
  • Regular Application Deadlines – for seniors who need to know the absolute final date they can apply to a school
  • Scholarship Deadlines – for seniors planning to apply for scholarships
  • Financial Aid Deadlines – for seniors in need of financial aid via school, state, or federal programs (Note: FAFSA deadlines vary by state)


Mapping out these deadlines now can set you and your senior up for a stress-free college application process. But we know—it’s a lot! That’s why we’re here to help.

Just click below to learn how you can work with a College Application Guide for one-on-one support every step of the way.

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