Important Changes to AP Exams 📝


As AP students work hard to adjust to virtual schooling for the rest of the year, The College Board announced this afternoon that exams will be pushed to later in May, with test dates ranging from May 11 to May 22. In addition, all exams will be shorter, just 45 minutes, free-response (no multiple choice this year!) and open note.

It’s also the case that these scores will be more important than ever given that SAT/ACT plans are up in the air this year. Colleges will be looking at other data points for the junior class if SAT and ACT scores aren’t available or limited due to test cancellations.

But studying for an AP Exam is a massive undertaking—even under normal circumstances—and this year’s students face additional challenges as they try to study and prepare on their own. 

Without an AP Coach, students may find themselves overwhelmed as they review all of the material, identify which concepts are important to know, make connections between big ideas, and practice timed writing. 

To help, we’re offering a special online coaching solution just for AP Exams.

If your child is in an AP course, we can help them prepare for their upcoming exam in three steps:

Step 1: Get an AP Coach

We’ll start with a free consultation to learn more about your child’s needs. We’ll then match him or her with their ideal AP Coach based on their course material, schedule, and learning style.

Step 2: Receive Individualized Tutoring (Online!)

The AP Coach will provide six hours of individualized, virtual tutoring sessions to help your child review the material, practice timed writing, and prepare for the unique style of AP Exams.

Step 3: Create a Study Guide

Students identify what’s important from each unit, then create a study guide that makes it easier to study effectively now and find critical information later during the open-notes exam.

Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Check out these FAQs or hit reply to email us directly.

Can’t my child just study on their own?

AP Exams are different from any other exams your child has encountered thus far. They will have to go beyond memorizing facts and learn how to connect big concepts in a new way. Knowing how to identify the Big Idea for the science exam or answer Document Based Questions (DBQs) for the history exam requires a new approach to studying and practice. Our coaches help students review the materials and practice with the new testing style so they can achieve their best possible score.


Isn’t this an open-notes exam? Shouldn’t that make it easier?

AP Exams have allowed for open notes for years, and they still require a lot of studying. Having an open-notes exam makes the study guide all the more important. If the guide is too long, the student will struggle to find what they need in a timed setting. If the guide is too short, they may leave out important concepts they’ll need to reference in the test. That’s why our AP Coaches help students compile a study guide that will be most helpful on the test.


Don’t they learn this material in class?

Yes, but now is the time to review all of that material—and it’s a lot of material! Plus, students will need to develop strategic study guides they can use on the exam and practice answering free response essays in timed settings. It’s a lot to cover, and an AP Coach will ensure they’re fully prepared.

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