How to Enjoy Parenting a Senior

Parenting a high school senior is exciting! You’ve successfully navigated sleep deprivation, potty training, elementary school PTA, middle school hormones, and driver’s permits. Now, it’s time for the big finale: high school graduation!

You deserve to spend your child’s last year at home making memories and celebrating how far you’ve come.

But for many parents, the stress of college applications robs the joy of senior year.

We believe you (and your child) deserve better. That’s why we’re now offering one-on-one support throughout the application process with our new program, The Road to College.

Get Started Now

In this program, a College Application Guide will help your rising senior…

✓ Map Out All Steps and Deadlines for Applications

✓ Create a College-ready Resume

✓ Find Potential Schools to Match Their Needs

✓ Prepare to Write College Application Essays

✓ Track Deadlines, Complete Applications, and Press “Submit” On Time

✓ Increase Confidence and Decrease Stress

✓ And more!

We’ve made it easy to actually enjoy parenting a senior without worrying you’ll miss an important deadline along the way. Here’s how it works.

Step 1


Schedule a consult to have your child matched with a College Application Guide.

Step 2


Discover where your child is in the process and what they’ll need to succeed.

Step 3


Relax as we guide your child through college applications in one-on-one sessions.


More About The Road to College

Senior year only happens once. Don’t waste a single moment! Click above to learn more about The Road to College, or schedule a consult to match your child with a College Application Guide today.

We’re here for you!