How to Nurture Creativity in Young Kids


I spoke with a mom from Chevy Chase earlier this week who was inquiring about summer tutoring options for her son.  A rising third grader, her son loved school and was excited about the prospect of working with a tutor over the summer.  A curious child who loved math and science, he was also and avid reader and writer and was always eager to learn!  Worried that a lazy summer spent out of the classroom would diminish this spark, mom called to discuss enrichment options.

Math and Science Enrichment Tutoring in Maryland

While he loved school and adored his teachers, this boy, like many eight year olds, was a ball of energy and surely would not want to spend summer days inside working on math fact drills.  His summer would be filled with sports and science camps and he would be spending his mornings at the pool with his swim team.  Mom told me how much he was looking forward to working with a tutor this summer and that he really wanted to expand his math and science knowledge.  He respected his teachers and thrived with one on one support.  Aside from needing a tutor experienced in working with energetic children, this boy required a tutor with a creative approach – someone who could think outside the box and prepare fun, engaging, activities to keep him focused and learning all summer long.

A naturally creative child, this boy love crafts, science experiments, and learning new concepts in hands on and interactive ways.  We selected a terrific tutor to work with him this summer; a fourth grade teacher who plans to challenge this student with enrichment support and fun, interactive, educational games and activities this summer.  From Reston, Virginia, to Bethesda, Maryland, and everywhere in between, we have talented teachers available seven days per week to challenge even the most curious of learners and keep the academic spark burning strong this summer!

Making Summer Learning Fun

Bottom line?  Summer is all about making learning fun.  Looking for ideas you can do at home to keep your kids interested and engaged this summer?  Take a trip to your local craft store and stock up on a hodgepodge of inexpensive materials.  Set aside time each week for arts and crafts and allow your kids to build/create/design whatever!  Kids will love the creative outlet and these homemade treasures can serve as reminders of a wonderful summer!