“HELP! I didn’t plan to homeschool!” 😩


With schools closed through the end of the year, many of you are scrambling to figure out homeschooling, an educational journey you didn’t choose but still have to navigate.

First, please hear me say this: You are doing a great job. Whatever schooling looks like for your family right now, we are cheering you on. We hope our content brings encouragement and inspiration, not pressure or shame. Virtual schooling during a pandemic is completely unprecedented, and everyone is figuring this out together.

Now, one of the biggest hurdles we’re seeing families navigate is learning how to keep kids in “study mode” when their worlds have turned upside down overnight. 

Figuring out a new routine and structure is a challenge for any family, but if your child struggles with ADHD, an inability to focus, or executive functioning weaknesses, you may really feel like you’re in an uphill battle.

I want to help, so I’m putting on two free webinars in the next few weeks—one for parents and, after many requests, one for students!

I believe these webinars will help you create some (realistic!) structure for a more peaceful and productive environment in your home. Learn more about them below and register to join me.

How to Keep Distracted Kids in “Study Mode” (Even If They Have ADHD)

A Webinar for PARENTS

Wednesday, April 8th, 12:15-12:45

Whether your child struggles with executive functioning skills, has ADHD, or would simply rather be playing Fortnite than doing online schooling, this webinar is for you. I’ll share tips to help you dial back the drama, get your child to focus, and create realistic expectations that make the next few months manageable. You’ll learn all about:

  • The ‘Framework 5’ for setting a daily routine that can work for just about any kid
  • How to create the ideal structure for a positive homeschool experience
  • Ways to collaborate and not dictate in order to get greater buy-in from your child
  • The cup system that can help you get your own work done without interruption
  • Simple yet powerful tools that teach kids to take ownership of their work
  • Two ways to break up assignments to get more done
  • Free software to teach your child so that you don’t have to be the ‘homeschool police’
  • Top apps that allow kids to better manage their own media use, increase focus, and decrease procrastination

Learn More in Less Time:

Practical, Easy-to-Use Strategies for Staying Focusing and Finishing

A Webinar for STUDENTS

Wednesday, April 15th, 12:15-12:45

School’s closed. Assignments are ungraded. What’s the rush? Can’t I just do my work later? It can be tempting to procrastinate when you homeschool, but that only leads to more stress and frustration later. In this webinar just for kids, I’ll help students learn… 

  • The surprising science behind procrastination and ways to outsmart it
  • “Hacks” to make yourself get started, even when you really don’t want to
  • Simple strategies for getting motivated when you’re tired of being quarantined at home 
  • How to chunk work to make big assignments a lot more manageable
  • Apps to keep you focused and on track when online
  • The best times of the day to focus, finish, and get work done 
  • Where scientists say to work if you want to be more productive 
  • Why mental “to-do” lists are stressful and a better way to tackle everything that needs to be done

Need additional support to help your child keep learning?

We’ll put structure to unstructured time with our online support programs using video conferencing, document sharing and white board solutions to make learning fun. Our credentialed instructors are experts in their field (75% have master’s degrees), but more importantly, they have a knack for motivating kids to stay focused and engaged. 

Learn more here.