Has your child tried this simple (but effective) study strategy? 📖


Does your child beg for your help with their homework? Or do they resent your attempts to lend a hand? Either way, it can be difficult to encourage independence while still giving your child the support they need to succeed in the classroom.

That’s why I love the simple study strategy our head tutor will share with you in today’s short video. It can be used as a tool for independent study or in a group, with a tutor, or one-on-one with you. And it only takes a few minutes to set up!

As Jan Rowe explains in this video, all you need for this simple homework tool is a pack of Post-It notes and three poster boards labeled To Learn, To Review, and Got It! 

To Learn

Help your child prepare to study by putting questions on the front of each Post-It note with the correct answer on the back. Refer to their study guide, past homework assignments, class notes, or the textbook to compile everything they need to know for the test.

To Review

Once the Post-Its are on the To Learn poster, a friend, parent, sibling, or tutor can easily quiz them—or, since the answer is on the back, they can quiz themselves! Whenever they get a question right (without peeking!), the Post-It can be moved to the To Review poster board.

Got It!

Once Post-Its are on the To Review board, encourage your child to take a break to work on another subject or eat dinner. When they come back, they can review the Post-Its on the To Review board and, as they get them correct, move them to the Got It! Board.

Watching the information move from To Learn to To Review to Got It! will help your child study for their next test and build their confidence as they see all the content they’ve already mastered.

Need More Study Strategies?

If your child continues to struggle with confidence or performance in a particular subject, don’t let them struggle alone—or try to shoulder the burden of helping them on your own. Let us match your child with their ideal tutor who can come to your home and share more strategies like this one. They’ll make homework time fun and help your child build the confidence and independence they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond!