Get Organized, Beat Procrastination, and End The Homework Battles In The Next 3 Weeks

(without the stress or nagging)

Learn the proven tools, techniques, and word-for-word scripts to help your smart but scattered kid get organized, stay focused, and earn better grades

"Ann has a way of delivering very actionable ideas on topics that are dear to our hearts in a down to earth and approachable way. She inspires parents to make small impactful changes in their lives without making them seem completely overwhelmed. Often times books and newsletters on these topics call for a complete overhaul of what you doing and that just doesn’t work for most busy parents. This course made it easy for me to feel empowered to make changes that I felt would benefit my family and were fairly easy to implement."
~ Natalie Davis | Parent and GPP Student

“I know he’s a smart kid, I just can’t seem to get him to focus.”

“My daughter has always struggled with math... and her self confidence had been plummeting.”

“We have a son with ADHD. He has great grades but struggles terribly at managing assignments (homework)...”

When it comes to homework, studying, and staying organized, there’s one thing that always seems to hold true:

Otherwise smart and capable kids struggle with procrastination.

And if your son or daughter falls into this category, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be.

They want to do well.

You want them to do well.

But for some reason, no matter what you try, assignments aren’t turned in, studying gets put off until the last minute, and tests and quizzes come back with poor marks.

And not to mention the stress and anxiety that comes along with having to constantly nag, check in, and micro-manage night after night - something the whole family feels.

Just take a look at these comments online:

Whatever the issue is, you’re not alone, and it’s not easy when you’re not sure what to do next…

Especially when the homework battles become more and more common as the school year goes on, your child is seemingly unaware of when assignments are due or when tests are coming up, and the chronic disorganization has gotten so bad you’re not even sure where to start.

In the end, all any of us want is for our kids to learn, find success, and enjoy the process.

But when something as simple as doing math homework or reading assignments prevent that from happening, it’s hard to see past just getting by until the next winter or summer break.

Hi. I’m Ann.

As much as they tell us that they “don’t care,” our kids’ confidence, self-esteem, and happiness is directly tied to how they feel about their performance in school.

I’ve spent the last 25 years in education (first as a teacher, then as a tutor, and now as head of a team of 185 tutors) helping both students and parents… And I can tell you that when kids struggle, if it’s not caught in time, it rarely gets better.

It gets worse. And the end result? Motivation drops and kid’s confidence plummets.

Thankfully, the large majority kids have the underlying potential to do very well in school. And there are proven strategies that can help you kids succeed and thrive.

Academic success something that, in most cases, is actually right around the corner. You don’t have to nag, discipline, or get an education degree to do it… You just have to know how.

Ann has been featured in:

"The information was incredibly accurate – it was as if she knows my son! I loved the real life solutions and suggestions. Thank you!"
~ Kristina Craven | Elementary School, Parent
"This program as fantastic, it really spoke about everything going on in my son’s and my life right now."
~ Jamie Patton | FCPS Parent Resource Center
"Ann definitely touched on areas our child has problems with – hit a cord and was able to relate to us! I thought she was great and very interesting!"
~ Mr. & Mrs. Weisenberger | OLGC Parents
"Ann is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Affirms common issues and concerns, reinforces normalcy of these feelings, and provides great and specific advice and solutions. Ann is very motivational!"
~ Hieu Vu-Gia | Oakton Elementary School Parent

In fact, what we’ve seen in our work with thousands of parents and students, is that it’s the simple routines and habits that can matter the most…

There's that famous anecdote, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Well the reality is: in school, 80% of success is actually just staying organized. Things like:

  • Using checklists and routines to make sure homework is done, the class website is reviewed, and the backpack is packed and ready to go each night
  • Using timers to get started on schoolwork and train the “focus muscle”
  • Asking a standard set of simple questions that help your kids think about what’s due, without feeling like they’re being judged or attacked

As they say, it’s the small things that add up to make all of the difference.

But it’s exactly that, just something people say.

The problem is, no one ever seems to show us how to do those things in a way that fits in with your schedule, your family, and your child’s unique personality...

So we decided to create a course for you that does exactly that.


How to Get Your Kid(s) Organized, Focused, and Motivated

(Without Being The “Bad Guy”)

Getting Past Procrastination is a 3-week online course designed to help you understand why your kid is struggling, what to do about it, and how to make it happen...

All in a way that won’t make them resent you, and will fit within your lifestyle and family routines.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • A reliable set of routines in place that ensure your child (and the whole family) get organized and STAY organized so that homework makes it home, gets completed, and gets turned in on time
  • Personalized tools and techniques for getting started on work, handling distractions and “the fidgets,” and getting both nightly and long-term assignments done on time without the last-minute rush
  • A list of powerful questions to test, word-for-word, that can help keep your son or daughter on track and thinking about what’s coming up, while keeping the lines of communication open
  • A process for helping with subject struggles when they get stuck so that small gaps in understanding don’t snowball into large ones, and so that they don’t lose lose motivation or get frustrated with you
  • New research-backed study strategies to test, which can get your child learning more in less time, so that study sessions don’t drag on and on
  • And much more...

We've broken it down into 6 straightforward video modules that walk you through exactly what to do, and when.

And these are the same strategies our tutors every day at Educational Connections with the parents and students they work with.

Here's a look inside the course...

Module 1: Organization 101
The Power Of Routine

Here you'll learn the real reason your kid is smart but scattered, what your role as a parent should really be (hint: it's not the Homework Police), and how to talk to your kids without being labeled the "bad guy."

We'll give you scripts to use and routines and techniques to try to develop organization for the whole family, so that less time is spent figuring out what needs to be done, and more time is spent actually doing it.

Module 2: Mastering The
Homework Struggle

First, we'll cover what the research says the best time and place for homework is, how to handle "the fidgets," and how to develop a regular homework habit.

Then you'll learn a set of scripts and tools you can use to get them started on the their work, planning their assignments, and actually getting their work done on time, without the last-minute panic.

Module 3: Preventing

In Module 3, we tackle procrastination head-on. First, establishing why kids tend to procrastinate. And then walking you through a set of step-by-step strategies to get your child thinking ahead, getting started on work, and keeping 30-minute assignments from ballooning into 3-hour marathon sessions.

Finally, we dig deep into my favorite Study Apps: the perfect way to use your child's inseparable companion (their phone) to your advantage.

Module 4: Handling Subject
Sticking Points

Then, we cover a process for helping with subject struggles when they get stuck.

These techniques are designed so that small gaps in understanding don't snowball into large ones, and so that they don't lose lose motivation or get frustrated with you when you offer assistance or ask questions about their schoolwork.

Module 5: Interview With Head Tutor
Jan Rowe

In Module 5, we dig deep in a sit-down interview with our top tutor at Educational Connections, Jan Rowe.

In our discussion we cover how she solves some of the biggest obstacles students have with parents and kids she works with, including messy backpacks, homework spaces, and what to do when they say they don't want to study?

Module 6: How To Learn More
In Less Time

Finally, we round out the core modules with a whole host of study techniques aimed at improving the speed and retention with which your kids study.

This includes how to use distributed practice to remember more for longer, how to enhance studying by combining learning modes, and the correct way to use study guides to actually boost test grades. And we also touch on music, study aides, and test anxiety.

"I thought the online class was outstanding. Having it online during the workday worked really for me and I found the content very relevant to where my 7th grader is…

Some areas of the course that stood out to me were:

Open dialogue: not putting kids on the defensive and more apt to listen when we choose our words more carefully. Setting up a time to talk also was a terrific tip that is more respectful than just bombarding kids with all the parent questions we often have. These strategies have been working for both of my children. Increased communication and less resistance for sure.

Launching Pad—Ingenious and incredibly helpful and definitely has decreased morning stress.

Homework Strategy: Asking more powerful questions instead of the old “do you have homework?” was terrific advice. As suggested, using wording such as “what are your homework priorities?” yielded much better feedback and results. I will continue to use the many suggestions from the course on this topic. I think we all have a tendency to feel like we are the homework police and I for one feel liberated to no longer wear that badge.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others and found it very very useful. Ann has a way of delivering very actionable ideas on topics that are dear to our hearts in a down to earth and approachable way. She inspires parents to make small impactful changes in their lives without making them seem completely overwhelmed. Often times books and newsletters on these topics call for a complete overhaul of what you doing and that just doesn’t work for most busy parents. This course made it easy for me to feel empowered to make changes that I felt would benefit my family and were fairly easy to implement.

So glad I could be a part of this and look forward to attending others in the future."

~ Natalie Davis | Parent and GPP Student

When you sign up for the course, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to six core lesson modules with over 3.5 hours of high quality video presentations
  • Extras areas that include supplementary videos and content on specific techniques we cover
  • Two bonus modules specifically catered towards kids who are transitioning to either middle school or high school

Plus, because we know you’re busy, the course is designed so that you can take it whenever, and wherever you want... in the way that’s most convenient for you and your family.

All without any Ivory-Tower “academic-speak” or theory. Just tried and true practical information to get the whole family organized, focused, and motivated this school year.

No schlepping back and forth.

No worrying about whether you can take time off of work.

And no more exhausting time commitments.

"The main things we’ve used from the course are:

(1) Having different colored folders for each class to stay at home. All papers go into one of three categories - keep at home (put away in appropriate colored folder), throw away, and take back to school.

(2) The idea that it is helpful to fill out review “study guides” for tests more than once.

(3) Studying 20 minutes for 3 nights in a row before a test is better than studying one hour the night before the test.

All in all I found the course very informative and helpful and would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s student is struggling with staying organized.”

~ Leslie Schoeberlein | Parent and GPP Student

"Loving it!

I have to say that the weekly scheduled planning meetings on Saturday mornings has made all the difference in the world and we are not rushed to complete assignments at the last minute. Plus my son has started maintaining his own calendar now!"

~ Kathleen F. | Parent and GPP Student
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