Give the gift of education

Invest in knowledge this holiday season,
and unwrap the joy of learning!

Your search for the perfect gift is over! You can purchase a subject tutoring or executive function coaching plan, and your student will be able to start the New Year on the path to academic success and personal competence.


2023 Holiday Offer- Free Hour

We'll automatically add one complimentary hour when you purchase a new subject tutoring or executive function coaching plan for your child or grandchild. Your student can use the bonus hour this holiday season or save it for next year.

Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your child or grandchild's learning journey now through Friday, December 22, 2023.

Choose Your Student's Plan-
Subject Tutoring or Executive Function Coaching

14 Hour Holiday Plan + Bonus Hour

  • 14 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or executive function coaching
  • Best for students with one subject need or limited EF support needs.

23 Hour Holiday Plan + Bonus Hour

  • 20 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or coaching
    ( + 3 Free Hours)
  • Best for students needing more support over a longer period of time.

49 Hour Holiday Plan + Bonus Hour

  • 49 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or coaching
    ( + 1 Free Hour)
  • Best for students needing help with multiple subjects, siblings, or students in need of extensive EF support.

All subject tutoring and executive function coaching plans include:

  • A skills inventory to determine your student’s skills, abilities, and challenges.
  • Live, online instruction with an expert in whatever subject or focus area they need support.
  • Customized sessions to maximize your child or grandchild’s success now— and in the future.
  • Practical Executive Function strategies to help your child get organized, overcome obstacles, and unlock their motivation.
  • Progress reports after each session, so guardians know how their child is advancing, what areas need improvement, and practical strategies to use at home.
  • Our instructor match guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your student’s tutor or coach, we'll make a better match.

We will provide a printable gift certificate after your purchase, so you can wrap up your surprise for the holiday!

Need help selecting a Plan or have more questions?

If you're new here, we invite you to schedule a call to discuss your student's individualized learning plan (you'll also get a bonus hour added to the plan you choose).

What our customers are saying...

Marianne R
Marianne R
Cailin West
Cailin West
Scott McClean
Scott McClean
Very professional, responsive, flexible, and capable tutoring...excellent service.
Anne Poliakoff
Anne Poliakoff
Our student's work with the Education Connections Tutor has transformed her understanding of chemistry (and her grades) in one month. The tutor is an expert in the subject and a skilled and supportive teacher. Our student enjoys the subject now and is confident of success. We couldn't be happier.
Stacie Sperry
Stacie Sperry
Our first assigned coach, Sarah, has been phenomenal. She’s teaching my son new skills and providing coaching (and sanity) for me as we navigate issues with instruction at our school.Although my son was initially adamant that he was NOT going to work with Miss Sarah, he said to me this week, “I actually like working Miss Sarah. It’s making my studying go faster.”For our family, the support we’re getting as a family has been worth the investment, and we have been very pleased with the coach they assigned to our son. Although we had concerns about the virtual nature of the tutoring, screen sharing has been very effective and Sarah and my son very quickly established rapport.
Ron G
Ron G
I had been watching the videos and seminars from Educational Connections for a few years, and decided to ask them for help with my son's college planning. I was having trouble having him focus on the topic and get "serious" about it in his sophomore year. the team at EC and especially Kristen have helped get his attention and have put together a solid plan for him to follow.Ultimately its up to him to execute, but the guidance they've provide up to this point in course selection, college planning, essay writing and even general guidance has been helpful and we feel we are very well positioned for Senior year.I would recommend them many times over.
Pam DeNunzio
Pam DeNunzio
We have used EC Tutoring for years and are always impressed with the responsiveness of the team and the top notch experience the tutors have pass along to students. We will definitely recommend them to others and will be back in the future.
Annie Greig
Annie Greig
We have had a great experience with ECT. They found a great tutor who could accommodate our schedule (tutor is on east coast and was able to do an after school session (Pacific time) with my 9th grader). The tutor has been fantastic both with executive function coaching and homework help. Very motivating person. Of course, there's always a question of good tutor/student fit, but I'd highly recommend people trying out ECT if they are considering it.