Fun Summer Activities to Keep Kids Academically Engaged

School is out, and summer is officially here!

Kids are happily embracing their newfound freedoms, entertaining themselves for hours on end, and never, ever complaining of boredom… right? Ok, maybe not.

If you’re looking for a way to beat the boredom and keep your kids academically engaged this summer, we’re here to help.

Our summer tutors are always coming up with fun, engaging ways to help students review what they learned last year, preview what they’ll learn next year, and keep executive function skills (like time management and project planning) sharp all summer long.

In this newsletter, we’re going to share a few of the most popular activities kids love doing with our tutors year after year.

Pick an activity to do with your child over the next few months, or contact us to have a tutor do the work for you. (Hey, you deserve some downtime this summer, too!)


For Elementary School Students: Cook the Perfect Pizza

This first activity not only keeps your kids entertained and academically engaged, but also takes care of the dreaded question: What’s for dinner?

Elementary school-aged kids love embarking on a mission to cook the perfect pizza. First, practice project planning as you work together to create a list of elements you’ll test on each pizza, like different types of pizza dough, cheeses, or toppings.

Then, strengthen money counting skills as you shop for ingredients together and track what you spend. Back at home, let your child practice measurements as you whip up different pizza creations.

Finally, review the basics of the scientific method as you track and report which combinations led to the best pizza of all time!


For Middle School Students: Launch a Rocket

Middle schoolers are at the perfect age to fall in love with the wonders of science—especially when you give them permission to set off an explosion! That’s why we recommend building, launching, and testing rockets with your middle school student to keep them academically engaged this summer.

First, review the scientific method and practice project planning skills to map out your summer-long science project, step-by-step.


For High School Students: Explore Adulthood

Many parents are surprised to find that the summer activities our high school tutoring students love the most revolve around real-life adulthood—like creating a budget or participating in a practice interview for their summer job.

High school kids are itching for independence, and the opportunity to learn practical life skills makes them feel like you’re taking them seriously.

This summer, help your high schooler create a budget to explore what it would cost to live on their own. Show them how to research the cost of apartments and groceries, explore how much their dream job will pay, and compile it all in a budgeting app.

Remember: The key here is to present this as a fun activity to prepare for adulthood—not a punishment or lecture sparked by a moment of frustration!


If you do try any of these activities, let us know how it goes! Share with us your ideas on our Facebook Page! We love hearing from you.

And if you like the idea of keeping your child engaged with fun summer activities but don’t have the time to tackle these projects yourself, click below to contact us. Our summer tutors are always happy to help!

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