One-on-One Tutoring
in Fairfax, VA

Interested in Subject Tutoring to Engage and Motivate Your Child?

We’re here to help take the burden off your plate and improve your child’s skills, grades, and study habits. Using top-notch online video conferencing with interactive whiteboards and polling, our coaches (87% of whom have a master’s degree) make learning so engaging it feels as if they’re in the same room as your child.

Let our caring and experienced experts help your child tap into their strengths and overcome their challenges!

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Does your child need more academic support than teachers can provide in a group setting?

Educational Connections will help with:

  • A private tutor handpicked to fit your child’s age, personality, and academic needs
  • Convenient, flexible online sessions that fit your family’s schedule
  • One-on-one attention catered to your child’s most pressing needs
  • Support in any subject and executive functioning skills so your child can develop strong study habits
  • A high level of outside accountability so you can focus on your work or simply parent with less frustration