Unlocking Independence: How Executive Function Skills Help High School Grads Transition to College Life

Going away to college is an exciting milestone for students, but with all the newfound independence and responsibilities, it can also feel overwhelming.

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As a parent, you want to see your college student excel in managing their time and staying organized. However, many students face difficulties in these crucial areas, which can hinder their academic progress and overall well-being. In fact, behind financial reasons, poor organization and time management skills are among the top reasons why new college students don’t succeed. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how building executive function skills can help your new college student make a smoother transition from high school and equip them with invaluable skills for success on campus and beyond.

Identifying the Challenges of Time Management in College

Transitioning from the structured schedule and routine of high school to college presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to time management. While living at home with parents, most students are accustomed to a fairly structured environment. However, college offers newfound freedom in choosing classes and activities, which, if not managed effectively, can result in poor time management.

The sheer volume of work is a significant change. College coursework is notably more demanding than what students experienced in high school, requiring extensive independent study time. The multitude of assignments, papers, and projects can easily overwhelm students who are unprepared for the increased workload.

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Additionally, social distractions can play a significant role in time management challenges. College is a time for students to explore new interests, make friends, and enjoy themselves.

However, social activities can consume a substantial amount of their day and become a source of procrastination, particularly for students who need help developing stronger time management and prioritization skills.

How an Executive Function Coach Helps Empower New College Students

  1. Mastering Time Management

Our dedicated executive function coaches work closely with students, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Together, they develop personalized strategies to overcome challenges.

Coaches assist students in integrating syllabus details for each class into digital calendars, providing a clear roadmap for the next week, month, and semester.

By helping them break down tasks into manageable pieces, prioritize assignments, and set realistic goals, students learn the skills and strategies they need to navigate their collegiate journey effectively.

  1. Cultivating Accountability
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Through our coaching program, students learn to set reminders and notifications, ensuring they never overlook any responsibilities. This newfound accountability system enables students to track their own progress, maintain motivation, and conquer the habit of procrastination.

With a virtual executive function coach on their side, your child gains a personal cheerleader and mentor. And parents are kept in the loop from afar through detailed session notes that the coach shares after each session.

  1. Embracing Independence

Executive function coaching goes beyond academics to instill essential life skills, such as organization. Our coaches guide students in developing systems to manage their responsibilities, offering personalized advice to help them minimize distractions and foster effective study habits.

These executive function skills make all the difference once your college student graduates and embarks on their professional journey.

Our Virtual Coaches are Here to Help

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At Educational Connections, our commitment lies in empowering your college student to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. We provide them with the tools and support they need to excel academically, cultivate essential life skills, and confidently transition into the professional world.

Our dedicated coaches understand the unique qualities and challenges of every student. Our team is well-equipped to support college students with ADHD, ASD, or other learning differences. We have developed specialized strategies and techniques to empower these students in the academic aspects of college life.

Through personalized coaching, we’ll help your new college student overcome obstacles and flourish as they set out on their own.