Diffuse Homework Tension with a Great Educational Coach


Tiffany MeadowsOne of the best ways to diffuse the tension around homework is to bring in outside help. For this reason we picked one of our best tutors and educational coaches as our tutor of the month for March, Tiffany! Tiffany has been described by parents as enthusiastic, engaging, professional, and relatable.

Tiffany works as both a science/math tutor, as well as an educational coach with Educational Connections. She has experience in science and math, stemming from years in the laboratory and classroom, and loves to share this passion with her students. Tiffany also really loves working with students on their organization and study skills. No matter which student she is working with, Tiffany’s number one goal is always tailoring her sessions to make sure she is meeting the student’s specific needs.

When she’s not tutoring, Tiffany loves spending time outdoors. She is a big fan of both hiking and gardening. For more information on tutoring or Educational Coaching, give us a call at 703.934.8282!