College Applications – Don’t Miss This Date!

Many students come to EC Tutoring for help with test preparation. We have some fantastic programs for a variety of standardized tests including SAT, ACT, and SSAT. The common denominator in all of these tests: college.

Preparing for college almost always includes taking the standardized tests and completing the applications.

Colleges and universities have many different application and acceptance periods. You and your child will need to become familiar with the application deadlines and expectations.

Here are the most common application deadlines for colleges and universities…

Early Decision/Action – most schools have a deadline on November 1 or November 15. Early decision can be a good choice if your child is prepared for completely committing to a school. While early action acceptances are not binding, applying this way is typically restrictive, meaning that you can’t apply to any other schools early decision or early action.

Regular Applications – most schools have application deadlines between January and February. Remember, the application process can be long! Start preparing in the fall to get essays written, letters of recommendation, etc.

Transfers – spring time is usually when transfer applications are due. Most schools have deadlines in April and May to transfer from one college to another.

Rolling Admissions – check for rolling admissions! Some schools will accept application packets and review them as they come in. Just know the earlier you submit, the better your chances.

It is important to understand that while submitting your application on time won’t necessarily set your child apart, submitting it late will spell certain doom! Don’t risk it. Learn the deadlines for your target schools and get started with plenty of time. Being early can only help.