“A” Grades Are The New “B” Grades: Grade Inflation & Why GPAs Are Higher Than Ever Before

When your kid gets a “A” in class, it’s not that special anymore. In fact it’s A LOT more common than it used to be.  And that’s not because they are better students–it’s because the teachers are less discerning. WTOP’s Shawn and Hillary spoke with Ann Dolin, President of Educational Connections Tutoring, about the problem … Read more

Top Tips for Getting Your Child to Finish Summer Work

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a segment on WTOP radio about finishing summer work! Completing those school-issued summer assignments should be a big priority, and here’s why. Listen to the clip or read below for all the tips.   With only a few weeks left in the summer, how much of a priority should summer work … Read more

Avoiding Summer Assignments? Here’s Help!

Schools assign book reports, math packets, and science projects over the summer to get kids ready for the coming school year. When your kids return to school, much of the curriculum is based on those summer assignments. Did you ever notice your child’s first quarter grades are lower than other quarters? That might be because … Read more