With ADHD Homework Can Be Tough: Here Are 3 Strategies For Success

If your child has ADHD it goes without saying that you’re committed to helping them become successful, resilient, and overcome their academic challenges. But on average, students with ADHD say that 80% of their interactions at school are negative ones. Whether that’s because of how they feel about themselves, their surroundings, their peers, or just … Read more

Missing in Action: Where Is Your Child’s Homework?

Even if you’ve been out of school for decades, it’s easy to remember that gut-punch feeling of sitting in class and suddenly remembering you forgot your homework. It’s happened to all of us—even though the systems were pretty straightforward when we were in school. Your teachers likely sent home a piece of paper with a … Read more

Why studying math is so hard? 😫

If you’ve been around Educational Connections for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about my first encounter with tutoring—and it wasn’t as a tutor. I was a student. It was the summer between fourth and fifth grade, and I simply could not figure out long division. All the steps confused and frustrated me, and I … Read more