College Prep Timeline

As a parent, you know that college is one of the most important milestones in your student’s life. Writing a strong essay and scoring high on the SATs can be crucial when it comes to getting accepted. However, it is often the case that students, and parents as well, do not put much consideration into … Read more

So You Want to Major in Liberal Arts?

Many parents dread hearing their child say these words before heading off to college: I’m going to major in Liberal Arts. With the precarious state of the economy and the unemployment rate, those words can be daunting for any parent. All they want is for their child to succeed; what are their chances with a … Read more

The Ins and Outs of The Common Application

As a high school senior, I applied to 12 different colleges and universities. This was after visiting and touring over 18 campuses. Anyone who has ever gone through the college admissions process knows that that is an insanely high number. In fact, the average American teenager applies to four universities. Most college admissions experts recommend … Read more

3 College Application Blunders

There are plenty of things that students can do to bolster their college applications, but there are also mistakes that some students make that weaken chances of acceptance. Here are three application blunders: 1. Missing deadlines. Keeping track of the various application deadlines can require its own agenda book. With deadlines for early decision, financial … Read more