executive function coach

How an Executive Function Coach Works with ADHD

If your child struggles with goal-oriented thinking, time management, and an inability to complete tasks, you likely have wondered why. There is a good chance that your child is struggling with executive dysfunction. Read on to learn what an executive function coach is and how they can help your child succeed academically. What Is Executive … Read more

creative activities

5 Creative Activities to Help ADHD Students Focus

With so many distractions all around us, it’s often hard for kids to stay focused. But for a child with ADHD, it’s a daily struggle.  Because kids with ADHD are prone to hyperactivity, they may have short attention spans and experience problems with impulse control. All of this can impact their K-12 academic performance. If … Read more

With ADHD Homework Can Be Tough: Here Are 3 Strategies For Success

If your child has ADHD it goes without saying that you’re committed to helping them become successful, resilient, and overcome their academic challenges. But on average, students with ADHD say that 80% of their interactions at school are negative ones. Whether that’s because of how they feel about themselves, their surroundings, their peers, or just … Read more