college and ADHD helping high school students plan ahead

College and ADHD: How to Help Students Plan Ahead

It’s often a challenge for students with ADHD to look ahead toward the future, making it extremely difficult for them to plan for college even if they really want to go.

In this interview, Psychologist and ADHD Expert Dr. Ari Tuckman shares his insight on what parents can do to help their children start thinking ahead and working to reach their collegiate goals.

what are executive functioning skills for students

What Are Executive Functioning Skills and Why Do They Matter?

Everyone has executive functioning skills, but just like the ability to play a musical instrument, some people’s skills are more developed and stronger than those of others.

While the concept of executive functions may be a complicated one, there is one simple fact: strong executive functioning skills are absolutely vital for long-term success in school.

executive function coach

How an Executive Function Coach Works with ADHD

If your child struggles with goal-oriented thinking, time management, and an inability to complete tasks, you likely have wondered why. There is a good chance that your child is struggling with executive dysfunction. Read on to learn what an executive function coach is and how they can help your child succeed academically. What Is Executive … Read more

creative activities

5 Creative Activities to Help ADHD Students Focus

With so many distractions all around us, it’s often hard for kids to stay focused. But for a child with ADHD, it’s a daily struggle.  Because kids with ADHD are prone to hyperactivity, they may have short attention spans and experience problems with impulse control. All of this can impact their K-12 academic performance. If … Read more