The Best Math and Physics Tutor in Northern Virginia!

Best Math and Physics Tutor in Northern VirginiaFor a lot of kids, math and physics are the two hardest classes they take in school. The subject matter is complicated and students often feel defeated and unmotivated with the content. But our April Tutor of the Month, Kate Nelson, has helped tons of kids boost their math and physics grades along with their motivation and confidence! One mom said that her daughter went from a 28% on the first test to a 92% on the second after working with Kate. Another mom expanded, “my son went from an F to a B in the last month in Trig/Pre-Calc! We love Kate!”

Kate began her tutoring career in high school and decided to continue tutoring after double majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Kate says the thing she most enjoys about tutoring is seeing her students master a difficult concept.

When Kate is not tutoring she works at FICO as the Proposal Coordinator for North America. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and has a wide range of interests from photography to Muay Thai.

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