What Are the Benefits of Summer Tutoring?

As the summer approaches, you may have your hands full with planning family trips, barbecues, and pool parties. With all the excitement of planning the summer, it is easy to forget about summer assignments and learning. So why would a family choose to tutor over the summer? What are the benefits of summer tutoring?

The Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Studies have shown that students lose up to two months of content knowledge over the summer if they do not have academic support. That’s about 30% of the progress they have made over the school year. For many students this “summer learning slide” adds up overtime and can ultimately make a huge difference in a student’s high school and college career.

Luckily there are a number of things a student can do with an Educational Connection’s tutor over the summer to avoid summer learning loss.

Fill in the gaps. If your student struggled with subject material throughout the year or had trouble grasping certain concepts, then it is very likely they will lose 3 months of progress without support. Studies have shown that this gap will only widen each summer as students progress through their academic career. This can be prevented by enlisting in the help of a tutor, who can help your student build solid foundations in their areas of weakness. Our tutors can review past material with your student, find out what type of learning style or teaching methods work best for them, and customize a plan that will target your student’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This will allow your child to feel much more confident and motivated upon entering the next school year.

Get ahead of the game. Want your student to get a jump-start on the next school year and to be ahead of the class? Summer is the optimal time to get ahead. Our tutors can work with you to figure out a plan that would best fit your child’s needs and introduce activities and concepts that your student would normally learn in the upcoming school year. In addition, your student may be taking new classes in the upcoming school year that they may be unfamiliar with. We can help reduce the stress that comes along with unfamiliarity by matching them with a tutor who can preview the material with your student and give them the confidence they need when the class begins.

Enrich and spark an interest. If your student worked with a tutor over the school year, then it is extremely important to keep sessions consistent over the summer. This will provide a sense of continuity for your student, and help them maintain the newly-learned skills they have acquired over the school year. There are many different ways our tutors can provide enrichment; it does not always have to consist of schoolwork! Does your student happen to love animals or building machines from scratch? Summer is a great opportunity for your student to explore these passions that they may not have had time for during the school year. Our tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and can support your student’s interests by introducing programs and activities that would excite and motivate your student while tying in academic programs.

Make the most out of the summer by taking advantage of the summer tutoring programs and opportunities Educational Connections has to offer. We can ensure that your student is staying up-to-date on their summer assignments, and will be well prepared for the next school year. Don’t let your child be a victim of summer learning loss; contact us today to make sure your student is fully supported over the summer and is confident upon entering the next school year.