Jeff D’Onofrio is our March Tutor of the Month!

We are happy to announce Jeff D’Onofrio as the Tutor-of-the-Month for March!  Jeff has made a great impression on his students, the families he works with, and the staff at Educational Connections.    In addition to being a tutor, Jeff is a history teacher and department chair at an Arlington middle school. He has an M.Ed. … Read more

How to Study for the ACT Science Section

The biggest myth about the ACT science section is that you have to be a science whiz. Guess what? You don’t!!! You just have to know science enough to not get intimidated and bogged down with science graphs and tables, even if they are of concepts you are totally unfamiliar with. After you realize that … Read more

HELP: My Child is a Victim of a Disorganized Digital Desktop!

Does your child’s computer desktop have random folders and loose documents scattered over the screen?  Ever encounter a situation in which your son or daughter is trying to complete homework but cannot find it on his or her chic (and expensive…) iPad or laptop? Although tablets and laptops can ease the flow of hardcopy papers, … Read more