What Are the Benefits of Summer Tutoring?

As the summer approaches, you may have your hands full with planning family trips, barbecues, and pool parties. With all the excitement of planning the summer, it is easy to forget about summer assignments and learning. So why would a family choose to tutor over the summer? What are the benefits of summer tutoring? The Benefits … Read more

How Do I Know if My Child Is Gifted?

As a parent, one of your most important responsibilities may be ensuring that your child is reaching their full potential by allowing them to explore their passions and interests. In your course of encouragement, you may notice that your child is exceptionally good at adding large numbers easily in their head, or that the painting … Read more

Why Does My Student Lack Motivation?

As a parent, it may feel frustrating when you know your student lacks motivation to succeed in school. When you ask them questions about their classes or what they’re working on, you may receive a very short answer or a shrug in response. When you bring up the topic of college and ask what schools … Read more

Remembering What You Read

In a world where technology has taken over the interests of our youth, brain-stimulating activities such as reading have been put on the backburner. Students may argue that they read all the time – when they are texting or surfing the web. However, this is not the same as traditional reading, which incites thought-provoking questions … Read more