Apps That Get Kids to Do Chores and Like Them…Seriously?!?


The other day I was in the middle of my morning routine with coffee in hand and the Wall Street Journal in my lap. As I skimmed through the Personal Journal section, my eyes became fixated on the word “chores”. Ugh…chores! The bane of my existence. But wait, the article was titled “Apps That Help Kids Like Chores”. Wait a second. Did I just see the words “chores” and “like” in one sentence? Now, I know that there are plenty of apps out there to track chores, but it’s completely another thing to get kids to actually enjoy chores.

After I read the article, I found new hope in getting my own kids to take out the trash, change the kitty litter, and put their dirty clothes in the hamper, not underneath their beds. Take look at the following article by Sue Shellengarger from the July 9th edition. See if you can get to the promise land, too. Hopefully we’ll meet each other there.

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