ADHD Coaching in North Bethesda

When Your Child is Stressed About School, So Are You

Let our highly credentialed and caring ADHD coaches teach your child the tools he or she needs for success in school (and beyond!).

Our ADHD Coaching program is one-to-one and tailored to your child's individual needs.

We understand your child's unique learning differences and are here to help them overcome challenges and find the motivation and confidence they need to get back on track.

Each virtual session includes individualized executive function skill-building to incorporate essential life skills like time management and strategies to stay focused and organized.

Educational Connections has provided excellent tutoring to our son, who was struggling with ADHD and executive functioning. Our tutor is able to provide just the right amount of structure and support, demonstrating immense patience and skillful interaction. The competence of the EC tutor is outstanding."

- Mary Ann D.

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Ready to enjoy parenting again without all the academic stress?

How do I know if my elementary-aged child needs executive function coaching

Nothing sucks the joy out of parenting faster than arguments over missed deadlines, mediocre grades, and misplaced assignments.

We see you. And we're here to help.

When an ADHD Coach trains your child in the important skills they need to succeed, you'll finally be free to turn in your "Homework Police" badge and look forward to afternoons with your child again.

You can ask about their day. Cheer them on when they ace a test. Enjoy a meal without discussing due dates for once. Just be a parent-- with all of the joy and none of the nagging. Leave the rest to us!