5 Ideas for a Great Homework Zone


Earlier this week, I was interviewed (along with a few other education experts) for a back-to-school article on 5 ideas for a great homework zone. There are lots of ways to set up locations in a home that are conducive to learning, but the photographs this article by Catherine Funkhouser make some innovative solutions come alive. ddd

As children head back to school, it’s back to reality for parents too. Now is the time to organize our homes for the homework that’s soon to come. Advance planning and a few simple strategies, the experts say, can help boost productivity and reduce the frenzy. Parents out there know what I’m talking about — there’s that special time of day when you’re monitoring homework, making dinner and maybe trying to entertain a rambunctious younger sibling, all before rushing off to sports practice or dance class. So take a deep breath and try these expert-approved tips at home.