5 Fun Apps to Spark Inspiration


myHomeworkIn 1752, Benjamin Franklin experimented with electricity on a dark and stormy night and discovered the lightening rod. He was a major figure in working with electricity and the advancement of technology. Fast forward 264 years and technology has produced devices that can fit in the palm of your hand!

Technology has become an important part of our daily lives, but it doesn’t have to be used just for entertainment. There are a number of educational apps available for students to practice typing, reading, writing, and sharpening creative skills.

Here are five great apps to spark inspiration anywhere, any time:

  1. My Coloring Book by Jeff Pedersen

My Coloring Book allows kids to use a wide variety of colors to express their creativity. Avoid the mess of crayons and markers by coloring on an iPhone or iPad. This app helps with hand-eye coordination and is kid tested. You can even save your designs to your phone’s photos to print out.

  1. Rush Hour by ThinkFun, Inc.

Choose among 35 challenges as a beginner or a high expert and work to get a car free from the traffic jam. The goal is to move the car from the traffic jam by moving the blocking cars and trucks from its path. This app won the 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award for excellence in mobile play – and it’s free!

  1. TapTyping – Typing trainer by Flairify LLC

Now you can master typing on the go! Work on capitalization, punctuation, numbers, complicated sentences and symbols, and more. This is helpful for students who need to practice typing more before the school year starts. The app helps correct grammar by highlighting red and green words.

  1. Animal Jam – Play Wild! By Wildworks, Inc.animal_jam_logo

With this app, your child can become their favorite animal and learn about real animals and their habitats. Your child can build and decorate their own den, personalize their animal, and shop for clothes, furniture and other items. Wildworks partners with National Geographic to bring together education and technology in a new and fun way! There is also a secure log-in to protect privacy.

  1. Letris 4: Best word puzzle game by Ivanovich Games

Build words to keep your screen clear and empty as long as possible. There are more than 300 free levels, from relaxing to challenging. You can even challenge your friends with a multiplayer mode to see who can build the best words! This app allows you to sync up with an iPad, iPhone, or Facebook.

Let us know if you downloaded these fun apps and what kind of apps your kids are playing!