We all know how important the SAT is for getting into college. 

But as soon as you start to think about helping your child get ready to take it, a million questions start to bubble up.

What score do they need to get in? 
When do they need to start studying? 
How much can we reasonably expect them to improve their scores?
And what about the ACT? 
Should my child take it and is the study process different than the SAT?

So the help clarify things for you going into the fall, below are a some resources we've prepared for you.

First, where to even start? 

One of the biggest questions parents have initially is what test their student should take and when to begin to prepare for it.

Well if you're considering either the SAT or the ACT, at the link below you'll find the test dates, the registration deadlines, and our recommendation for when to begin the test prep process (typically three and a half months out).

Next, we're putting together a free SAT/ACT webinar next week on September 13th: Mastering the SAT/ACT: The Score They'll Need And How To Get It 

In the webinar some of what you'll learn includes:
  • What the SAT and ACT testing timeline looks like, the differences between the two, and when you should start getting prepared
  • How each test is scored and how to help improve your child's scores once they've started the process
  • The best study strategies you can employ so that they can maximize their scores (while minimizing stress and test anxiety)
And as usual, don't worry if you can't make it on the 13th, we'll have a recording available for you as long as you register.

Just click the link below to reserve your spot. 

And finally, each Saturday this September, we're offering free SAT and ACT practice tests in the local VA area. 

These are specifically designed to: 
  • Give your son or daughter a baseline score so that they understand their natural strengths and weaknesses (and what to spend their study time on before the actual test)
  • Provide them practice with content, pacing, and stamina in a simulated testing environment, which is the best way to help alleviate test anxiety and get them as prepared as possible for the real thing
And to make sure you're getting the most accurate results, we only use official full-length tests published by the College Board and the ACT. 

Just click the link below to reserve your spot. 

Hope to see you there!

- Ann