Are you TRYINGGG to drive me crazy!? the thought that pops into every parent's head sooner or later during the school year.

Because when you head up to their room after dinner, only to find that instead of starting on their homework, they've been recording selfies of themselves with the face and ears of a puppy dog for the last 45 minutes (admit it, you've used that Instagram filter too)... can be hard to imagine what else they would be trying to do other than intentionally see how close they can get you to the edge of complete nuclear meltdown.

But today, I'm here with some fortunate news:

Your kids aren't out to get you, and they're not doing it on purpose. And sad enough as it is to say...

You're actually the last person they're thinking about.

In fact, in most cases when kids procrastinate, it actually has nothing at all to do with desire, motivation, or how they feel about school.

And everything to do with...

(a) disorganization and poor habits

And (b) something called a "soft internal clock"

So while your kids don't seem like they care about getting their schoolwork done, or studying for their next quiz, the reality is they just don't have the tools in place to get those things done on their own... for now.

Today though, let's take a step towards changing that, with our first installment of our special school year lead-up series. To do that, we've put together a short video for you that covers:

  • The real reason your child procrastinates (and why it's not really anyone's "fault")
  • How to handle the "soft internal clock" problem
  • And how to combine a special type of timer with the "Tolerable Ten" technique to help them build focus and a permanent homework and study habit that will get them off to a big head start this fall

First, click the link below to watch...

Second, once you're done watching, take a look at the takeaways and action steps we've prepared for you below the video.

As yourself:

What steps can you take before school starts in the fall to implement this technique?

And how might it help your family stay on track this year?

Then, stay tuned for Wednesday's video, where we'll cover how sometimes "getting involved" in homework and studying can backfire, and how to legitimately help without seeming like the "bad guy."

See you then!

- Ann

P.S. - Here's the link again to watch today's video on one of my absolute favorite techniques for conquering procrastination.