Every summer has a rhythm to it...

In June, the whole family is excited! 

Your kids are "free at last," and you've finally earned yourself a well-deserved break from the before and after school routine.

Then July rolls around. Prime vacation time. It's the middle of summer and everyone is ready to get away... whether that's to the beach, to visit family, or just for a road trip or two. 

Some proactive families are keeping up with reading and maybe some practice assignments here and there... but for most, schoolwork couldn't seem further away.

Then there's August... the "wind-down" month. Maybe you're getting in some last minute vacation time, but everyone has the first day of school in the back of their minds, whether they care to admit it or not.

And although summer should be enjoyed, the problem is: if you're not careful, August is gone, and the first day of school hits the whole family like a ton of bricks (here's how to prevent that from happening).

Your kids are...

...trying to scramble last minute to get their summer reading done so that they're not left behind in class.

...now having to sacrifice most of their previously free time to do homework and study - something they haven't done in months.

...waking up WAY earlier.

And you're having to manage them through that whole process, not to mention adjusting your schedule to pack lunches, get them to school on time, and make sure they're actually getting their assignments done.

But, there is an alternative...

In today's post, we'll cover 8 things we recommend you start now, so that you can slowly ease the family back into the school routine without it being such a shock to the system.

These include:
  • Starting the school morning routine ahead of time, so it's not such a huge shift when the first day hits
  • Planning out lunches and homework spaces as a family, so that your kids are involved (and more inclined to actually follow along)
  • How to "get involved" ahead of time, without being overbearing or micro-managing
Not only will this be more comfortable for everyone involved, it'll also set the stage for a more successful school year once the end of August does finally hit. 

Getting off on the right foot sets a great tone for the rest of the year and leave the whole family better off in the process.


And then stick around next week for a special email series we'll be sending you to help you get EXTRA prepared for you and your family to have the best school year yet.

Happy August,

- Ann