Today, let's talk about a student of ours at Educational Connections: Matt*

When Matt first started with us entering into 4th grade, to say he struggled with schoolwork would be a dramatic understatement.

He was very quick to get frustrated. And because he also couldn't calm himself down, things would quickly elevate to a "10" even with just the wrong sentence or look.

This made school hard for him, to say the least...

When he didn't understand something at school, it would immediately trigger his anxiety, which he'd carry with him all the way home. Meltdowns were a regular weekly occurrence.

(*Name changed for the purposes of this story.)

Fast forward to today.

Matt is now going into 6th grade, coming off of his best quarter yet to close out this last school year.

He knows how to prioritize, and tells his tutor how he wants to study for tests.

He's getting straight As!

His teachers have reported that he now asks questions and participates in class - no more meltdowns!

He's very confident in his abilities, and is now playing soccer, loves it, and has made new friends

It's safe to say: Matt is thriving.

How did he get there?

First of all, Mom was definitely on top of it.

She had already set up several tools (including the Launching Pad, something we cover in the course) prior to coaching. This is key.

But even though she was doing everything she could on her end, there were still big gaps in Matt's performance in school.

That's where the organization, time management, and effective study strategies came in. Things like:

  • Matt's tutor Jan started off by working with him on prioritizing his assignments (What is front burner, what is long term project? With the front burner stuff, what comes first?), so that he was less overwhelmed when he sat down to work. After a few weeks of work, she saw his anxiety and frustration slowly melt away, as he (for the first time) felt like he had a handle on what he had to do and when.

  • They then worked on having him write down everything he felt overwhelmed about or didn't understand during school, so that instead of feeling frustrated, they could talk about it when he got home. This allowed him to "let it go" at school, knowing he would figure it out with Jan's (or mom's) help at home.

  • Finally, Jan was able to move on to study strategies with Matt, to help him independently learn how to make the most of his study sessions. It took time to find what worked for him, but he is now able to say, "I know what I have to get down and I know how to study." He took ownership.

And those are the exact strategies we wanted to capture and share with parents like you with Getting Past Procrastination. So that you and your kids can take control of your schedule, move past the homework battles, and do it in a way that works for the whole family.

"Ann has a way of delivering very actionable ideas on topics that are dear to our hearts in a down to earth and approachable way. She inspires parents to make small impactful changes in their lives without making them seem completely overwhelmed. Often times books and newsletters on these topics call for a complete overhaul of what you doing and that just doesn't work for most busy parents. This course made it easy for me to feel empowered to make changes that I felt would benefit my family and were fairly easy to implement."
~ Natalie Davis | Parent and GPP Student

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- Ann