Because you've started the process of looking at private schools for your son or daughter, there's one thing that's clear:

You want to give them access to the best teachers, the best curriculum, and the best opportunities for getting into top colleges and going on to be successful in life.

But your biggest problem right now?

Figuring out how to get them IN to your top choice school in the first place.

One of the biggest hurdles to doing that is the application process... and more specifically, preparing for and taking the SSAT.

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Now even though it's a critical piece of the puzzle for getting into private school in your area, most parents aren't too familiar with the SSAT. And unless you've already been through the process before it can sometimes be hard to understand exactly what's required.

So to help with that, we decided to put together a timeline that will guide you through process, starting today.

Step 1: Understand the private school application timeline... 

...and lay out what you have to get done, and when.

Although the timeline varies a bit from school to school, we put together a step-by-step schedule for that should give you a good overview of what to expect and when to expect it.

For example, here are the steps we recommend taking over the summer:
  • Begin to compile a list of schools that meet your criteria. Request catalogs from selected schools and peruse their websites.
  • Take an SSAT diagnostic test (you can request one here).
  • Review diagnostic scores to determine if prep is needed and if so, when to start.
Then we detail out the key steps you should be taking throughout the fall, end of the year, and into next year as you approach final decision time in April. Just click the link below to see the entire schedule:

And as always, you can hit "reply" to this email and let us know if you need any help with the process.


- Ann