[Writing practice] + [Summertime] = [Fun for your kids]

I wasn't a math major, but I know enough to tell you that in the majority of households, that equation DOESN'T hold true.

It's hard enough to get them to sit down and write during the school year... How in the world is this going to happen over the summer?

But think about reading for a second. If you've ever seen your kid pick up a book on their own outside of school, you know that reading can be associated with fun - sometimes enough so to win out over friends, TV, and video games!

And the same can be true for writing... if we approach it in the right way.

Well it turns out summer is the perfect time of year to do that. 

The stakes are low.

There are no due dates or grades to assign.

And you can just focus on discovering writing activities that can help build the habit of writing, without seeming like a burden... and maybe even turning into something FUN (whether they'll admit it to you or not).

So we put together a list of 12 fun things you can try (with a few practical ones thrown in for rising Juniors and Seniors), that might just get your child to put pencil to paper this summer.

Some of these include:


Activity #3: Writing to their favorite sports hero to try and get an autograph (What better way to get a 10-year-old excited to write a good letter!?)


Activity #7: Creating their own personal website (Hey, it's online so it must be cool right?)


Activity #11: Using Siri on their phone or iPad to write by dictation (OMG, I can use my phone for schoolwork!?)


And 9 others to choose from, whether your son or daughter is in elementary, middle, or high school.

- Ann
P.S. - As an EC subscriber bonus, I sat down with our top tutor Jan to get her thoughts on how to make writing more approachable for kids... and what she personally likes to do with her students over the summer to make writing a little more light and fun.