"Is there something else we need to be doing this summer to prepare for next year?" 
For a lot of families, summer break is pretty darn straightforward:
Take school out of the picture for a few months, take a trip to the beach, and take some much needed time away from the daily grind of school....

 summer tutor image 2
On the flip side, there is research out there that shows:
  1. Students who don't practice their academics over the summer fall 2.5 months behind their peers, and...
  2. Students who have a tutor during the summer are more likely to succeed in college than those who don't.
But does that apply to your son or daughter?

Or are they better off using that time for rest and recovery, followed by a quick refresher in August before the first week of school?

Here's how to tell:

Learn how to ACE the SSAT
(and give your kid the best chance of getting in)

If you're a parent, and you've started the process of looking at private schools for your son or daughter, there's one thing that's clear:
You care deeply about their education.  

But your biggest problem right now?

... the SSAT

We know all too well that most families struggle with getting prepared on time, and in the right way...

So we decided to put together a free webinar for you this coming June 14th to help you sort out the whole SSAT process now, so you can be ready when it counts.
How to get ready for the PSAT this coming fall
(even if you don't know where to start)

All the time we get asked by parents of high school sophomores and juniors:

"Do we need to focus on the PSAT?"

And the answer is... it depends.

Now it is true that your score won't be seen or count towards college admissions, but there are a few reasons why you may not want to give it a pass.

So we're hosting a free webinar this coming June 15th, to help you sort out how to best take advantage of the PSAT this fall.
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