Don't Let Your Parent-Child Relationship Be Defined By This 

Does your child feel like they're behind in class? Do they have a hard time getting and staying organized? Are they unsure of which college entrance exam to prepare for?

Don't let your relationship be defined by grades, power struggles, and arguments over homework. Contact us to see if we can help relieve tension and stress over academics.

We see students falling into categories such as Bright but Disorganized, Subject Struggles, Stressed from Studying, and more. With more than 20 years of working with students in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, we have found ways to solve some of the most difficult, yet common challenges that cause tension in the home. 
Should Teachers Adopt this Homework Rule?

A second grade teacher from Texas made headlines this summer after she sent home a note to parents, informing them that their students' homework would only consist of materials they did not finish in class that day. She instead encouraged families to spend more time together, rather than spend hours on homework.

So, what is the role of homework and are kids getting too much? Read our blog post to find out how often your child really should be spending on homework.
Back To School and Back To Stress?

Summer is officially over and kids are back in school. In some households, back to school also means back to stress. So, how can parents make the transition into the school year more successful and less stressful? 

President and Founder of Educational Connections Tutoring Ann Dolin, M.Ed. spoke with WTOP on practical tips to help kids and parents across the DC area make the transition to school easier. Read and listen here!
Book The Parenting Event of the Year

The stress parents and kids feel over academics is one of the greatest challenges for families in our area. Homework doesn't have to be a battleground and parents don't need to take the role of homework police.

Ann Dolin, M.Ed. has spoken with thousands of parents throughout the DC metro area and has helped them turn homework time from hours of arguments to peaceful, stress-free work. Presentations include:
  • Stressed Out Over Homework: What Causes It and What Parents Need to Know
  • Prescriptions to Combat Disorganization and Procrastination: How to Help Smart but Scattered Kids
  • Learn More in Less Time: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Study Habits
  • The Surprising Truth Behind Your Child's Motivation (or Lack Thereof): The Way Your Child Is or Isn't Motivated May Surprise You
Visit our website to see a full list of parent presentations. These presentations are free and open to the public!

10:00-11:30 am @ Dunn Loring Center - Dunn Loring, VA

7:00-8:30 pm @ Longfellow Middle School - Falls Church, VA

Learn More In Less Time: What Every Parent Needs To Know About Study Habits
7:00-8:30 pm @ Robinson Middle School - Fairfax, VA

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