10 Ways to Avoid the 4th Quarter Slump

Students often struggle with focus and motivation during the 4th quarter, which usually negatively affects their final grades.  

Here are 10 easy ways to help your kids avoid the 4th quarter slump and finish the year strong. 

Study Skills to End the Year Strong

How do you keep your child focused enough to end the year strong? Here is an article that explains how to use study guides the right way, how to distribute studying across multiple days, how to take advantage of time-tracking apps, and more! 

Nightly Homework Causing Stress? 

As parents we often find ourselves cast in the role of nightly homework police.  Fortunately, there are 3 practical steps that apply to kids of all ages that you can implement today to ease the frustration that often surrounds homework. 

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Calling All Counselors & Teachers: 
Want to Host a Mock ACT or SAT Exam at Your School? 

If so, simply send an email to Erin at erin@ectutoring.com to set up a time and our proctor will take care of the rest, including grading the exams and sending score reports directly to students' parents.  

Upcoming Free ACT & SAT Practice Tests

Full-length practice tests serve as a diagnostic before starting to study and are also the best way to practice for the actual exam. All exams are free and open to the public and a full score report will be available free of charge after the exam is graded. Register here for upcoming exams. 

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