The Organization Problem: 
Six Ways to Develop Organizational Habits Now to Avoid Stress and Clutter Later 

Is disorganization holding your child back from success in school? 
Here's help!  Check out our six "stress-less" tips to help your child create and maintain neatness this school year. There's no better time to set the stage than just before the start of school. 


Back to School Organization:
Prepare Your Child For Success

Get Your Child Organized for School Success

If you have a child who struggles to get and stay organized, this video is for you! The good news is that there are certain things parents can do to help develop organization -- an important element of school success. Learn easy ways to put the right systems in place to help your child. 

Click here to prepare your student for this upcoming school year. 


Disorganized Digital Desktop:
Is Your Child a Victim?

Does your child's computer desktop have random folders and loose documents scattered over the screen?  Ever encounter a situation in which your son or daughter is trying to complete homework but cannot find it on his or her chic (and expensive...) iPad or laptop?

Although tablets and laptops can ease the flow of hardcopy papers, which in itself can improve organization to some degree, they cannot solve all our clutter and disorganization problems. Click here to learn the top five rules on how to maintain an organized digital desktop.

Tutor of the Month: 
Stacy Stryjewski

When it comes to helping students with liberal arts and coaching students to improve their executive functioning skills, Stacy Stryjewski is a tutor who exceeds expectations. This is why she is our Tutor of the Month! Stacy currently works with students to improve their writing, reading comprehension, and executive functioning skills. She embraces the idea that we all learn differently.

Here are some great tips that Stacy has learned throughout her teaching/tutoring experience. 



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